Leak Detection Services in Fairfield County

Various Leak Detection Solutions Ensuring Your Home is Leak-Free

When you notice your plumbing system or other water feature is constantly leaking, you need professional Fairfield County leak detection experts on your side. Contrary to popular belief, most leaks aren’t isolated incidents. They usually point to an ongoing issue with your pipes, pool, or spa.

At American Leak Detection of Connecticut, our specialists can locate, assess, and address minor or significant leaks. Our professionals have been training for years to ensure your property is leak-free. Not only will we locate and fix leaks, but we’ll also give you peace of mind with the results.

You can count on our pros to:

  • Use advanced, non-invasive methods
  • Provide “know before you go” pricing
  • Extend the life of your pool, spa, or plumbing
  • Mitigate further damage and leaks

With our assistance, you get superior quality services that support your plumbing, sewer system, gas lines, and more. Trusting our Fairfield County leak detection experts is a sure-fire way to get the durable outcomes you want at a price you can afford.

How to Prepare for Your Leak Detection Appointment

After you contact us for assistance with a potential leak, do you know how to properly prepare for our arrival? Don’t worry; it’s nothing you can’t handle. In fact, you’ve probably got most of these tasks taken care of.

Help make your appointment faster by completing the following:

  • Clear away any algae or debris – If your pool or spa is leaking, clearing away any debris will give us a clearer picture and allow us to visually assess the situation first.
  • Keep animals inside – We love your furry family members, but it’s important to keep them inside while we work for their safety and ours.
  • Avoid DIY repairs – Our Fairfield County experts have technical and on-the-job training to handle leaks of all types. We’re licensed to guarantee everything is completed to code. Any DIY repairs could result in costly issues down the road. Just leave the leak detection and repairs to us—we’ve got you covered!

We look forward to helping you repair leaks around your home or commercial space with state-of-the-art equipment and know-how.

How Much Will Leak Detection Cost?

Leak detection and repair costs can vary because you may have more extensive plumbing or sewer line damage than we initially thought. This may require us to investigate your sewer lines or internal pipes to ensure we’ve found the issue. We won’t know a specific course of action or the cost until we use cameras and other tools to detect the problem on your property.

Will the City Pay for Sewer Leaks You Find During Service?

If the damage directly affects your sewer system main, you may be responsible for only certain parts where your sewer line attaches to the primary city line. You can always petition your local government regarding the damage and get an answer.

For more information or to schedule service in Fairfield County, call (203) 583-4092.