Pool Leak Detection in Connecticut

Let An Expert Proactively Inspect Your Prized Pool

We understand how much time and money go into maintaining a residential or commercial pool. Thus, it can be particularly frustrating when you realize there might be an undetected pool leak. At American Leak Detection of Connecticut, we recommend hiring a professional to investigate any suspicion without delay. A pool leak can lead to property damage, skyrocketing water bills, and ruined landscaping/vegetation.

Our leak detection experts are ready and willing to inspect your pool or spa for elusive water leaks. Our technicians rely on cutting-edge tools and techniques to find the source and location of a leak – regardless of where it may be.

We can:

  • Utilize non-invasive equipment to expose underground leaks
  • Test for pressure
  • Extend underwater cameras to hard-to-access locations
  • And much more!

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Telltale Signs of a Pool Leak

It is not always easy to locate or even detect a pool leak – especially if it occurs underground or underwater. Natural evaporation is one of many reasons it is difficult to determine a pool leak. Because your pool is likely outside, it will naturally lose water – especially in hot and humid summers. As a result, you’ll need to consider environmental factors when gauging water levels.

One strategy for troubleshooting a potential pool leak is to monitor monthly water bills. You can also regularly check the water meter. There may be a leak if your water bill or water meter reveals startling increases in water usage without any drastic changes or ancillary reasons.

Other helping signs of an untreated pool leak include:

  • Your pool is sinking or tilting
  • The surrounding landscape is damp, flooded, or soggy without any justification
  • You are refilling your pool water more frequently than usual
  • You notice cracks appearing on the pool siding or deck

Luckily, there is no need to panic when suspecting a water leak. Our repair specialists can examine, diagnose, and rectify the situation quickly and affordably!

Don’t Hesitate to Hire a Professional Leak Expert

We recommend contacting our leak detection specialists right away if you suspect a possible leak. We can help you avoid steep costs, significant water damage, mold issues, and pool-related emergencies. Our leak detection team will hurry to your location with industry-best resources and years of knowledge. We know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to detecting stealthy pool leaks.

Are you worried your pool or spa has a slow, invisible, or underground leak? If so, reach out before it is too late! Call (203) 583-4092 for an expert evaluation today!

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