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Are you a homeowner dealing with a plumbing or water leak crisis? American Leak Detection of Jackson can provide the highest quality services for all your residential leak detection needs. Our certified technicians have years of experience to identify any kind of leaks, using world-leading practices and technology.

We offer non-invasive yet accurate solutions that cause minimal disruption to your property while giving you an effective diagnosis. With American Leak Detection of Jackson, you get peace of mind knowing that our professional team is capable of solving any issues your encounter related to plumbing leaks. We'll find the the source quickly and repair it with guaranteed satisfaction!

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Common Areas Where Leaks Occur non invasive leak detection equipment

Are you wondering where leaks are most likely to occur in your home? While some leaks may be obvious, others can go unnoticed until they cause serious damage. If you suspect a leak, don't hesitate to contact our skilled technicians at American Leak Detection of Jackson.

Some common areas where leaks can occur include:

  • Water Lines. The service line from your meter or pump to your home. This line typically runs under your yard, driveway, and other exterior areas.
  • Under Your Slab. Slab leaks occur when a leak develops in either your hot or cold water plumbing line beneath the slab of your home.
  • Water Supply Lines in Your Home. The plumbing inside walls and/or under your floors can spring leaks with little to no warning. We can find the cause and repair the issue.
  • Crawl Spaces & Basements. Crawl spaces and basements can suffer flooding damage due to water supply line or sewer line leaks.
  • Plumbing Systems. Miscellaneous plumbing systems such as radiant floor heating, hydronic lines for heating or cooling, snow melt systems, plumbing for ice rinks, etc., can all develop leaks that may cause significant property damage.

When Should You Contact A Water Leak Detection Company?

If you notice wet spots or stains in your walls or ceilings, or if you frequently hear the sound of running water, it may be time to get in touch with a water leak detection company. Contacting the experts at American Leak Detection of Jackson is the first step in putting an end to a potential water leak in your home.

Other Signs That You Have a Leak in Your Home bathroom plumbing leak detection specialist in jackson

Having a water leak in your home can be a major problem, leading to potentially expensive water damage repairs. It is important to know the signs of a water leak so you can take action quickly when one does occur.

Signs that you may have a water leak include:

  • Water puddles forming near water fixtures such as water heaters and toilets.
  • Wall mold that isn’t located near windows or bathrooms.
  • Water bills that are higher than normal.

If you experience any of these signs, it is best to contact a leak detection specialist right away to inspect the situation and prevent further damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I call for a water leak in my wall?

If you've found a water leak in your wall, it's essential to call leak specialists. Leak detection specialists have the skill and experience to find even the smallest pinhole leaks in your pipes.

At American Leak Detection of Jackson, we specialize in leak detection and repair. We have proven methods to find the most mysterious leaks and quickly handle the repairs. All of our technicians undergo some of the most rigorous training programs to ensure your get the highest level of service.

What should I do once I've discovered a leak in my home?

If you have a water leak, it's essential to address it promptly to prevent further damage to your property.

Here are the steps to follow and the people or professionals you can call:

  1. Turn Off the Water Supply. Before doing anything else, locate your main water shut-off valve and turn off the water supply to your home. This will stop the flow of water and prevent further damage.
  2. Check for Safety Hazards. Inspect the area around the leak to ensure there are no electrical hazards or standing water. If you suspect any electrical issues, it's best to turn off the electricity to that area or, if necessary, the entire house.
  3. Call a Leak Specialist. The first professional you should call is a certified leak detection specialist. At American Leak Detection of Jackson, we are experts in identifying and repairing water leaks throughout your home. We will assess the situation, locate the source of the leak, and provide you with repair options.
  4. Contact Your Insurance Company. If you have homeowner's insurance, contact your insurance company to report the water damage. They can guide you through the claims process.
  5. Document the Damage. Take photographs and make a detailed list of the damage for your insurance claim. This documentation can be crucial when working with your insurance company.

Remember that it's crucial to act quickly when dealing with a water leak in a wall. Doing so can prevent further damage, mold growth, and potential health hazards. Always hire qualified professionals to handle the situation safely and effectively.

What are the potential risks of untreated plumbing leaks?

If you've just discovered a leak, one of the worst things you can do is to ignore it. Ignoring the leak will only make matters worse.

Untreated plumbing leaks pose several risks, including:

  • Water Damage. First, unaddressed leaks can lead to significant water damage in your property.
  • Cause Mold & Mildew Growth. Second, ignored leaks foster ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth, posing health hazards.
  • High Water Bills. If you're on city water, untreated leaks often result in higher water bills.
  • Well Pump Damage. If your home has a well, a pipe leak will cause your well pump to run more often than it should. Over time, this can damage and burn out your well pump.
  • Impact Insurance Claim. Furthermore, your insurance company may deny the claim if the problem isn't addressed.

How to find a water leak underground?

Discovering an underground water leak can be a daunting task, but it's essential to address it promptly to prevent further damage. With the right techniques and a bit of patience, you can find and fix these hidden issues before they escalate.

Ways to find a water leak underground include:

  1. Look for Signs: Unusually wet spots in your yard, patches of green grass, or reduced water pressure are signs of a potential leak.
  2. Use Leak Detection Tools: There are various technologies like acoustic sensors and ground penetrating radars that can help detect leaks.
  3. Hire a Professional: If you're having trouble locating the leak or if it's too deep, consider hiring a professional leak detection service. They have the expertise and equipment to handle the situation more efficiently.

Don't let an underground water leak turn into a major problem. If you need professional help, reach out to us at American Leak Detection of Jackson. We provide expert leak detection and repair services tailored to your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your water systems are in top shape!

Signs of an underground water leak

  1. Unexplained Increase in Water Bill: One of the first signs is often an unexpected increase in your water bill.
  2. Wet Spots in Your Yard: You might notice unusually soggy areas or patches of greener grass, which could indicate excess water from a leak.
  3. Reduced Water Pressure: If there's a leak, the water pressure in your home may decrease noticeably.
  4. Unusual Sounds: Hissing or bubbling sounds coming from the water lines could also be a sign of leakage.
  5. Cracks in Walls or Foundation: Over time, an underground water leak can cause cracks in your home's walls or foundation.

Don't let an underground water leak wreak havoc on your home and yard. If you notice any of these signs, it's essential to act quickly. Contact us at American Leak Detection of Jackson today. Our expert team will diagnose and fix the issue efficiently, ensuring your peace of mind!

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