Sewer Camera Inspection in Jackson

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Are you looking for a specialist to inspect your sewer line? Trust your local sewer inspection specialists at American Leak Detection of Jackson. Whether you're scheduling a routine sewer inspection or think your sewer line leaks, we can help.

With over two decades of experience, we've performed many sewer camera inspections and have the skill to unveil hidden problems. Dealing with potential sewer line issues can be stressful, but we provide peace of mind.

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What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is a non-destructive way to assess the condition of your underground pipes. At American Leak Detection of Jackson, we use a high-tech camera mounted on a flexible cable to see inside your sewer lines, identifying problems like blockages, root intrusion, cracks, and misaligned pipes.

This allows us to pinpoint the exact source of your leak or drainage issue, helping you avoid plumbing emergencies and saving you time, money, and unnecessary digging in your yard.

When to Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection

Are you curious about when to schedule a sewer camera inspection? Don't wait for plumbing problems to escalate; timely inspections can be a game-changer.

Here are key moments to consider:

  • Multiple Slow Drains. Are you experiencing sluggish drains in various areas? It might indicate a more significant issue within your sewer lines. An inspection can pinpoint the root cause and prevent further complications.
  • Smell of Sewer Odors. Are unpleasant odors wafting through your property? It could be a sign of sewer line issues. Our camera inspection identifies the source and removes any guesswork.
  • You're Buying a Home. Are you buying a home? Before sealing the deal on a new home, ensure the sewer line is in prime condition. Our sewer inspection service provides a comprehensive look at the sewer lines and identifies any issues.
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance. Sewer system backups are one of the worst plumbing nightmares. You can help prevent such issues by scheduling routine sewer camera inspections. We can help identify problems early on and save on costly repairs.
  • Detecting Sewer Line Leaks. Wet or soggy yards can be a sign that you have a leaking sewer line. Our advanced camera technology can locate and assess the extent of the problem.

These scenarios are prime opportunities for scheduling a sewer camera inspection. Trust our sewer camera experts to ensure your sewer is in top-notch condition.

What happens during the Sewer line inspection

Our technician will start by inserting the camera into a cleanout or another access point to your sewer line. The camera will then be fed through the line, and the technician will be able to see the video footage on a monitor. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will provide you with a report of their findings and the best course of action.

How to Prepare for an Inspection

  1. Locate Your Cleanout: This is the access point for the camera. It's usually a capped pipe on your property line or outside your foundation. If you have trouble finding it, let us know!
  2. Clear the Area: Make sure there's easy access around the cleanout. Remove any landscaping, debris, or belongings that might be in the way.
  3. Check the Cleanout Cap: If the cap seems damaged or difficult to remove, let us know beforehand. We may need to bring a replacement.

We Offer "Know Before You Go" Pricing

You might wonder what to expect if we find a sewer line leak during your inspection. At American Leak Detection of Jackson, we offer honest pricing and we'll review all repair options with you before proceeding with any work. We'll ensure you know everything beforehand so you can make an informed decision.

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