Service Line Leak Detection & Repair Services in Reno, NV

Helping homeowners discover leaks in pools, spas, and water features may have been where it started, but our services have also evolved into finding leaks in your plumbing lines. Your main service line delivers the water to your home’s water service pipe. When you have a leak, it can affect your ability to live comfortably.

At American Leak Detection of Northern Nevada, we offer service line leak detection to support Reno homeowners just like you in finding and fixing leaks in this main line. We can keep your lawn intact and locate and repair any leaks promptly and accurately. We rely heavily on our comprehensive and effective detection methods that minimize interruptions and prevent extremely invasive techniques.

Can I Repair My Own Service Line Leak?

We don’t recommend attempting to repair a service line leak alone. Our Reno leak detection professionals are licensed to handle this kind of hazardous and tedious task for a reason. If you decide to do a leak evaluation yourself, you may be performing and contracting illegal services that could get you fined or jail time.

Leave the expert leak solutions to our team to avoid mistakes, injuries, and potential legal repercussions.

Signs Your Service Line May Have a Leak

You can rarely predict when your service line will leak and keep you from using water to complete daily chores and hygiene tasks. However, your plumbing will show signs of an issue, so you can hire a licensed specialist to handle the leak for you.

Low Water Pressure

When you notice a change in your water pressure, the first thing to do is to ensure no one has adjusted any settings to your main water valve. If your main water valve is completely open, this may be a sign of internal issues that an experienced leak detection professional should handle.

Puddles and Soggy Lawn Patches

Most underground leaks will cause water to pool on your lawn, causing sogginess and puddles galore. You may even notice that the water has a foul odor. In case you discover puddles in specific spots in your lawn—and you know you haven’t recently watered or had rainfall—it’s time to contact a specialist for help today.

Increased Water Costs

Water bills can ebb and flow, which is normal. Still, if there’s been a significant spike in your monthly water bills, it may be a sign of a leak somewhere in your service line. Leaving the problem unaddressed will only cost you more over time. Let our experienced technicians provide assistance.

Strange Sounds

Pipelines sometimes make noises, but usually, they’re absorbed by insulation or the soil. Any persistent sounds or loud noises from your pipelines need a professional assessment. It could be nothing, or there may be an unknown leak. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Whether your service lines have damage due to weather, age, lack of maintenance, etc., our Dillion leak specialists can provide guidance and effective solutions you can trust.

Don’t let minor leaks turn significant and cost you thousands. Call (775) 241-4286 for service line leak detection and repair services in Reno.

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