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Pool Leak Detection in Northern Nevada

Cutting-Edge Leak Detection Methods

At American Leak Detection of Northern Nevada, we realize how hard it is to keep a residential or commercial pool spick-and-span. We also understand how frustrating it can be to deal with the consequences of an undetected leak, such as:

  • Property and foundation damage
  • Sky-high water bills
  • Destroyed landscaping and overwatered vegetation
  • Mold outbreaks and insect infestations
  • Pool cracks and structural flaws
  • And much more

Call our team without delay if you suspect a leak for any reason. Our experts can visit your property and inspect your pool. We follow seasoned techniques and pull from years of experience to uncover hard-to-access/spot pool leaks. You can count on our team to utilize state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to find the source of the location quickly.

Potential False Alarms & Telltale Signs of an Undetected Pool Leak

Detecting a pool leak can be challenging – especially if water is seeping invisibly underground. In some cases, signs of a pool leak are merely the result of excess evaporating during hot weather. We always consider environmental factors when assessing water levels. Increasing water bills is another possible indicator of a pool leak that can be a false alarm. There are many situations where a property can undergo significant shifts in monthly water usage without experiencing a leak.

Here are additional telltale signs of a pool leak to help you diagnose the situation:

  • The pool looks tilted or concaved
  • Your yard is damp, muggy, or soggy
  • Your water line keeps appearing in rapid time
  • Stress fractures begin appearing on the pool siding

Contact our leak detection specialists immediately if you suspect a pool leak. Fast, proactive action can help prevent expensive structural and water damage. It can also help you avoid issues with mold and infestations. Let our leak detection team rush to the rescue – we’ll arrive on time with industry-leading resources and expertise.

Pools often suffer from underground leaks. Reach out before it is too late! Call (775) 241-4286 for an in-person evaluation today!

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