Service Line Leak Repair in Winston-Salem

Reliable main water line leak detection & repair

In the case that you know for a fact or simply suspect that your main service line is leaking, American Leak Detection of the Triad can help. We’ll quickly identify the source of the leak and pinpoint its location using state-of-the-art technology. Once located, we’ll get to work on getting things restored, relying on leak repair methods that are minimal and keep your lawn intact.

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Service Line Leak Repair FAQs

What and Where is My Service Line?

Your home’s service line is the private line that supplies water to your property and is found underground between the shutoff valve and the water meter. While you may assume the city would be responsible for any damage to your service line, this would be only for the line on the other side of the water valve, connecting to the water main.

How Do I Know My Service Line is Leaking?

While you may suspect your water line is leaking due to the common signs you’ve been reading up on, how do you know your home’s service line is the specific cause of your recent troubles? Be on the lookout for some of the most common symptoms of a main water line leak:

  • Low water pressure
  • Puddles in the front yard
  • Soggy patches and lawn sinkholes
  • An unexplained spike in the water bill
  • Signs of interior water damage
  • Sounds of water running
  • The water smells like sewage

Service line leaks can cause you to waste up to 90 gallons of water a day, driving up your utility bills and causing damage to your home’s yard, foundation, and interior – all of which will need to be fixed and properly restored.

How Can My Service Line Leak Be Found & Fixed?

At the first sign of water damage or a possible service line leak on your property, be sure to reach out to a reliable leak detection and repair company like American Leak Detection of the Triad. You may be tempted to complete a service line repair on your own, but turning to a professional instead will ensure the process is easier, the solution is long-lasting, and the work will be backed in case problems arise in the future.

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At American Leak Detection of the Triad, our team relies on not only our years of local experience serving customers throughout the Winston and Salem areas, but also the extensive training, support, and trusted processes that have allowed American Leak Detection to become the industry leader they are today.

We’ll complete your repair with competitive prices, friendly customer service, and non-invasive solutions, saving you from damage caused by more traditional leak detection and repair methods and ensuring your peace of mind quicker than others.

Regular service line maintenance can help to avoid damage in the future. It is recommended that homeowners report any suspected leaks to American Leak Detection of the Triad in order to prevent further damage and costly repairs.

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