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Serving Boulder, Grand, Jackson, Larimer, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma Counties.

Northern Colorado Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection Without Destruction

Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive. Water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars every day. American Leak Detection's technicians use the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden water and sewer leaks.

Through our time-tested processes of "Leak Detection Without Destruction,” you save resources, time, and money by incurring minimal disruption to your property.

Here for All Your Leak Detection Needs

American Leak Detection™ has been in the industry since 1974. We know how to carefully and effectively detect a broad range of leaks, including leaks in pools, fountains and spas, outdoor water lines, irrigation systems, fire suppression lines, sewer systems, snow melt systems, slab leaks, and much more.

If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bill, dropping water levels in your pool, leakage stains in walls or ceilings, it's time to call on our Northern Colorado leak detection specialists.

Serving Grand, Jackson, Larimer, Weld & Yuma counties, as well as surrounding areas. Call (866) 545-5218.

People Choose Us for a Reason. Learn Why!

  • Non-Invasive Approach

    Leaks can be expensive, but they get even more costly if your leak detection specialist destroys your property to locate the source. That’s why we detect without destruction.

  • Transparent Pricing

    You get an accurate, upfront quote before we start any work. All quotes are based on your specific situation, your property, and our expert recommendations. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Industry Expertise

    We are THE original leak detection specialists. That means you benefit from more than 40 years of hands-on industry experience, our state-of-the-art technology, and our professionals.

  • Peace of Mind

    Our highly-trained professionals are among the most experienced and seasoned technicians in the industry. Simply put, you cannot find a more qualified team anywhere else.

Think You Have A Leak?

You Could Be Risking Serious Property Damage

Contact your local leak detection specialist today!

  • Erosion of the soil supporting your foundation or pool deck
  • Sewer backup resulting in having to vacate the property
  • Flooding which can damage your structure and furnishings
  • Damage to your pocketbook from high water and energy bills
  • Mildew build up with the potential for health problems
  • The waste of our most valuable resource: water

5 Star Reviews From Past Customers!

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

  • American Leak Detection

    "Depend on the engineers at American Leak Detection to solve my high water bill problems!"

  • American Leak Detection

    "I never would have been able to find the leak without American Leak Detection!"

  • American Leak Detection

    "What a relief to solve the mystery."

  • American Leak Detection

    "Good service. I'll use them again."

  • American Leak Detection

    "Thank you Becca"

  • American Leak Detection

    "Exceeded our expectations always."

  • American Leak Detection

    "Saved us thousands in excavation costs."

  • American Leak Detection

    "American Leak Detection has several times identified the buried pool piping leak location!"

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