Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you locate hidden leaks?

American Leak Detection, through forty years of intense research and development, has many processes and methods of electronically and non-destructively locating hidden leaks. These vary on the type of system being tested (for example: water, sewer, gas, glycol, hydrocarbon,etc.), the environmental conditions and soil conditions, the composition of the structure or pipe and season of year. Techniques range from rarefaction wave detection, vibrational correlation, ground vibration analysis, and thermographic analysis (and dozens more!).

2. Whew! Thats a lot of big words- what does it all mean to me?

It means American Leak Detection has a method of solving your leakage problem in all situations with all types of pipe, structures and systems. Our expertise and experience enable you to avoid the costly and destructive methods of "hunting" for leaks with backhoes, jack hammers and shovels.

3. How much does the service cost me?

While costs can vary by the scope of the investigation, in almost all cases a leak detection investigation will reduce the expense of repairs to a small percent of search and destroy methods of location and repairing the leak, often producing a total savings of over 80 percent of replacement type repairs. This savings factor related to precision location of leaks is the primary reason that your insurance company uses us thousands of times each year.

3. How precise are you in locating my leakage?

Our methods and experience enable us to provide you with a location area smaller than you or your contractor will expose to perform the repair using standard equipment and methods of repair.

4. Do you warranty your investigations?

Yes, in most cases we can offer a full guarantee. Ask us about your specific situation.

5. Are there other contractors that provide leak detection services?

None that offer our full range of techniques and services. A few repair companies advertise "leak detection", meaning they subcontract to American Leak at a higher cost to the customer, or scam the customer by claiming to use cheap, off the shelf "listening" devices to pretend to test while finding the leak in the old fashioned search and destroy methods of backhoes and jack-hammers.Tell a repair company you will not pay for their excavation if the leak is not in that spot they claim to "locate" themselves prior to digging! That exposes the non professional every time. American Leak Detection has thousands of competitors...anyone with a backhoe, shovel, or jackhammer! Even those contractors who claim to perform electronic leak detection are not certified and use techniques that are in violation of the National Leak Detection Code and Safe Drinking Water Act. They often contaminate your water system with their unsafe testing methods. They often use the promise of cheap leak detection to gain a presence on your property with the hope of "up-selling" you to a full replacement instead of a inexpensive spot repair.

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