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Trina Deelundefined

Franchise Owner/Manager
Joined ALD in 2004

For seventeen years Trina has successfully managed the office, the technicians, and the customers, all while raising her two children. She answered calls and dispatched the technicians for years and now continues to handle the "behind the scenes" work and organization. She handles day-to-day operations making sure our supplies are ordered, our equipment is working, and our guys and the office are on track. She is also an avid mountain biker and loves being outdoors and on the trails.

Jeff DeelJeff Deel

Leak Detection Specialist
Joined ALD in 2004

Jeff was an owner/operator since 2004, however recently decided to step down and let his wife handle the business solo. He has a degree in Mine Engineering and also has training in industrial hygiene. He always takes the extra time needed to help customers understand their leaks and feel comfortable that they are in good hands. He particularly loves working with utility companies and on municipality jobs. He is committed to giving the most professional, accurate, and courteous service possible.

Andrew Kurtz

Leak SpecialistAndrew Kurtz
Joined ALD in 2014

Andy Kurtz has been with us for many years now. He made a career change from sweeping chimneys to finding water leaks and we couldn't be happier! His persistence and sheer determination to detect underground and concealed water leaks has made him a valuable asset to our ALD team. He also serves in the US Army National Guard as a medic. He enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his kids.

Thomas Baileyundefined

Leak Detection Specialist
Joined ALD in 2017

Thomas Bailey is another of our fabulous leak detectors and an all-around good guy! He is a Navy Veteran with a great work ethic and a positive personality. His technical skills have served him well over the years as he has honed his leak detection capabilities. In his free time, you will usually catch him doing outdoor activities or watching his son “Bulldog” play football.

Caleb Stoikaundefined

Leak Detection Specialist
Joined ALD in 2019

Caleb Stoika is one of our newest and most cheerful employees. He covers the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas. He is always willing to go that extra mile and help customers truly understand their leaks. Although his background has been in mechanics, he has been an asset to our company transitioning to Leak Detection. He still enjoys working on cars as a past time and, on nice days, he and his wife love to ride his motorcycle and enjoy the open road!

Katrina Journeauxundefined

Administrative/Customer Service
Joined ALD in 2020

Katrina, not to be confused with Trina, is a dispatch and customer service specialist. When you call, you will always find her cheerful, friendly and helpful. She has an extensive background in HVAC, dispatch and customer service. Leak Detection has been a challenging and exciting addition. In her free time, you will catch her either singing online with friends from around the world, out in her gardens, or spending time with her husband, four kids, two grandkids, five cats, and a bearded dragon.

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