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Laura Kleinpeter

Owner - Joined ALD in 1990

Laura Kleinpeter, Owner

Greg Kleinpeter

Owner - Joined ALD in 1990

Greg Kleinpeter, Owner

Greg and Laura Kleinpeter have owned and operated the local franchise since 1990. As the first to purchase an American Leak Detection franchise territory in Louisiana, they service the southeastern part of the state from the Atchafalaya Basin to Slidell. American Leak Detection has a strong presence in the environmental protection area. Water conservation and contamination prevention are serious issues and key areas of concern. At 40 psi, even a 1/16th inch hole in a pipe can cause a loss as great as 360,000 gallons annually. We provide solutions in terms of both water savings and pollution deterrence. The mission of American Leak Detection is to find leaks in a manner that is non-invasive, efficient and environmentally sound. We will give prompt, professional and courteous service to all customers, while providing the best leak detection services in the world.

Olivia Terrebonne

Office Manager - Joined ALD in 2018

Marjorie Mock, Office Manager

Chantelle Hall

Office Staff - Joined ALD in 2018


Dietrick Baham

Field Supervisor - Joined ALD in 1998

Dietrick Baham, Field Supervisor

Justin Altazin

Field Technician - Joined ALD in 2015

Justin Altazin, Field Technician

Stephen Gerace

Field Technician - Joined ALD in 2015

Stephen Gerace, Field Technician

Jesse Luttrell

Pool Supervisor - Joined ALD in 2017

Jesse Luttrell, Field Technician

Josh Harris

Pool Technician - Joined ALD in 2018


Kiel Wilson

Field Technician - Joined ALD in 2019


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  • American Leak Detection

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  • American Leak Detection
  • American Leak Detection

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  • American Leak Detection

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  • American Leak Detection

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  • American Leak Detection

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  • American Leak Detection

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  • American Leak Detection

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