Leak Detection Services in Suffolk County

Experts for More than Just Detecting & Repairing Pool Leaks

We don’t take leaks of any kind lightly. Your home or business could experience more than a simple water leak, putting your entire property at risk. If you have a potential gas line leak or sewer leak, our team at American Leak Detection of New York can help keep your family in Suffolk County safe.

Our team is committed to ensuring you get:

  • Best-in-class support from industry-trained professionals
  • Your property has efficiently operating gas, sewer, and plumbing lines
  • Complete satisfaction every time you call us for support
  • Thorough inspections using non-invasive approaches to determine the cause of your leak

Our certified experts are ready to help you locate the cause of almost any leak and address it using years of knowledge, training, and industry best practices that give you complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive Leak Detection that Preserves Your Safety

Any potential leak could mean complete and utter devastation to your property. When you trust an American Leak Detection expert to assist you, you gain access to a robust repair and maintenance strategy that preserves your plumbing, sewer, and gas lines.

Our professionals follow a detailed process that includes:

  • Using state-of-the-art equipment to locate leaks
  • Turning off your gas or water lines to perform a thorough assessment
  • Checking for any weak points in plumbing or water and gas lines
  • Cleaning lines to remove any leftover gas pressure or debris
  • Testing components to ensure no leaks are detected

Not only do we perform detailed and accurate evaluations and repairs, but we also make life-saving recommendations, including purchasing a natural gas detector. This simple device can detect natural gas in the air and prevent possible gas leaks from compromising your family’s health before it’s too late.

If you notice lower-than-normal water levels, strange sounds coming from your appliances, a significant spike in your water bill, and/or the distinct smell of gas, don’t hesitate to contact one of our qualified specialists today for leak detection in Suffolk County.

Can I Perform DIY Leak Detection & Repairs?

Everyone wants to save a little money here and there, which is perfectly okay. However, when it comes to detecting and repairing leaks, it’s best to leave these complex services to the professionals. Our Suffolk County technicians have been training for years to evaluate and fix almost any leak you might find at your home or business. We don’t recommend performing leak detection or repairs because you may make a costly mistake, injure yourself, or cause the leak to become more prominent.

Trust our professional technicians to take care of you and ensure your pool, gas line, or plumbing leak is a thing of the past.

Call (917) 746-2159 or request an appointmenttoday.

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Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

  • American Leak Detection

    "They came in, investigated with smoke, and fixed the problem. For the first time in two months, my house doesn't smell like a restaurant toilet."

  • American Leak Detection

    "I appreciated their technical ability, state of the art equipment, and the fact that they took the time to keep me informed along the way and explain to me what was happening and why."

  • American Leak Detection

    "After 30 years in this house, we have had many service people come to do work. No one has ever delivered better than Daniel."

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