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Managing a commercial or residential property comes with various responsibilities. The last thing you need is a leak in your pool, spa, fountain, plumbing, or gas lines. When you do experience this, our team at American Leak Detection of New York is ready to deliver exceptional support, so minor problems don’t worsen.

We use advanced equipment and proven techniques to detect leaks and find the source of the problem. Not only do we employ methods that help us find leaks, but we repair them too. You won’t have to rely on multiple companies to do the job of one. We’re available when you need us to resolve foul sewer odors, flooding in your yard, or higher-than-normal energy bills.

Common Issues that Cause Underground Leaks

Often, leaks seem to come out of nowhere without any warning. However, the truth is these types of severe leaks were likely brewing for a while without your knowledge. Whether you live in a suburb or own a commercial property with several acres, your water and gas lines aren’t immune to potential issues that result in leaks.

Some of the most common causes of leaks include:

  • Invasive tree roots
  • Age deterioration
  • Unwanted pests
  • Corrosion
  • Incorrect installation
  • Loose joints

Don’t let these issues go unaddressed for long. Contact our dependable, detailed, and experienced leak detection pros as soon as possible to avoid serious problems.

How Our Leak Detection Specialists Locate Leaks

Assessing a leak is fairly easy. We may run into a challenge when locating a potential leak because often damage can be inconspicuous but cause serious damage. Fortunately, our Westchester County professionals are industry-trained experts following best practices to find and repair leaks. We employ the following non-invasive techniques to detect leaks fast.

Infrared Leak Detection

Leaks can occur for almost any reason, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to prevent them or locate them before they create severe life-threatening issues. Our advanced infrared camera detects leaks by continuously scanning to spot various potential problems.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Using a high-tech camera is one of the ways we keep from making a mess of your driveway or foundation when you have a sewer leak. We don’t have to squeeze down manholes or expose ourselves (and you) to potentially harmful bacteria just to locate a sewer line leak. We’ll be able to see any root invasion, damaged pipe joints, cracked sewer lateral lines, or separated lateral joints.

LeakVue™ System

If you’re worried your pool or other water feature has leaks, but you’re unsure how to tell for certain, our Westchester County team can support you. We use LeakVue, a system that uses a laser sensor to monitor and detect changes in water levels. You get real-time reports sent to a PDA that displays the findings in an easily understandable graph so that you can see trends.

We’re always using the latest technology to resolve complex and minor leak issues in a snap. You can depend on our technicians to partner with you, listen to your concerns, pull out all the stops to help, and get your plumbing, water lines, sewer lines, or gas lines operating at peak efficiency again.

Call (917) 746-2159 or contact us onlineto ask questions or request service today.

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