Find and fix a leaking window

Find and fix a leaking window

Find and fix a leaking window

Windows take a beating from all sorts of weather, and the result can be leaks that seep into the walls of your home. This can lead to home or condo water damage and require costly repairs if they are allowed to go on for too long. Rather than letting a window leak get out of hand, deal with it quickly using the following tips. This will prevent the problem from becoming worse, and should keep your home dry the next time it rains.

Track down the source
If you notice water coming in around your window during any kind of precipitation, immediately inspect the surrounding area for signs of a leak. Even if the amount of water entering your home is small, more water could be stuck inside the wall itself, and this could lead to severe mold or structural damage.

The most important space to check is directly along the window edge where it meets the wall on the exterior and interior of your house. This gap is most often sealed with caulk, which can dry out and chip or peel over time.

Another common problem area is the rubber seal between the window frame and the glass. This rubber can dry or rip and let water seep around the glass edge. It’s unlikely that an issue with this element will cause a leak, but it can allow water to slip between glass panes, which is irritating.

Evaluate the damage
Most window leaks will not require you to replace the windows or the surrounding walls, but some circumstances demand a new window. If you evaluate the damage and find any of the surfaces around the window are soft or decaying, it’s likely you’ll have to get an entirely new window. In these cases, work with a professional to ensure a proper installation that eliminates the potential for leaks in the future.

Caulk the leaks away
If you don’t see structural damage, you’ll likely just need to recaulk the window. Strip away the existing caulk from the inside and exterior, and then fill the newly formed gap with waterproof caulk. Spread the caulk with a putty knife to ensure that it completely covers the gap, and make sure it is evenly distributed all around the window. To check your seal once the material is dry, get your hand wet and pass it over the newly finished areas, if you feel a draft, you’ve left an opening for water.

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