Fixing leaky pipes with epoxy

Fixing leaky pipes with epoxy

Fixing leaky pipes with epoxy

With the number of sinks in any given household, water springing from a leaky pipe can happen at any time. There are many different reasons for a sink to begin leaking water, from a crack in the sink’s porcelain or a fissure in one of the pipes. A leaky sink can lead to high water bills and water damage to the floor and wall.

If your pipes are leaking, one of the best ways to remedy the problem is by installing epoxy pipe lining or using epoxy putty. The putty acts as a quick and easy solution to minor leaks in a pipe. According to SF Gate, epoxy paste hardens into a solid surface that easily stops most pipe leaks. If the pipe has a larger and more serious leak, you can hire a professional to install epoxy pipe lining to eliminate the leaks and create better-sealed piping.

Using epoxy putty
Turn off the water valve to the leaky pipe, which should be located close to the sink itself. This will stop water from flowing to the sink. Once you have stanched the water ’s flow, turn on the sink’s faucet to drain the remaining water.

Locate the leaky portion of the pipe. There will be a noticeable drip or water build-up around the hole, which you will need to wipe away with a rag. Smooth out any damage or rust on the pipe using sandpaper, which is necessary for cleaning and preparing it for the epoxy putty.

Epoxy putty is typically sold in two parts you’ll need to mix together to generate a chemical reaction that creates the adhesive and hardening agents. Quickly mold the putty together and press it against the damaged portion of the pipe, since the epoxy will harden within a few minutes.

Once you have allowed the putty to dry for roughly an hour, turn the valve back on and start running water again. Check to ensure the epoxy remains in place and you cannot detect any additional leaks.

If the leak is too large for putty to fix, or if you are unable to locate the leak, you might need to hire a professional plumber to install epoxy-lined pipes. According to the Pollution Prevention Resource Center, warranties for these generally last around 15 years and can extend the lifespan of aging pipes for decades. However, although the use of epoxy for pipes has been in usage for roughly 20 years now, it is still unclear if the additional of epoxy pipe impacts the need for additional upgrades to the piping system.

Despite some people raising questions about whether using a chemical compound in your water system is a safe technique, fixing a leak with epoxy pipes or putty remains a safe and viable solution. The PPRC noted that scientists have discovered no widespread health problems due to any epoxy-lining in pipes.

Whether you have a tiny leak or a gushing torrent, you should speak with a professional at American Leak Detection to figure out the best option for your specific needs.