Common bathtub leaks and simple solutions

Common bathtub leaks and simple solutions

Common bathtub leaks and simple solutions

A bathroom is full of plumbing fixtures and is the source of many leaks. Some of the most insidious leaks involve the bathtub. In many cases, bathtub leaks can go undetected for some time, which can lead to severe home or condo water damage and present other issues, such as mold. These risks make it necessary to fix leaks quickly, so take immediate action if you start to notice unwanted water in the area around your tub. While the damage caused by these leaks can be serious, many leak solutions are simple. Here are common bathtub leaks and some tips to fix them fast:

Identify the true source
Because the bathroom contains so much plumbing, it’s easy to misidentify a leak’s cause. In some cases, water will travel along the outside of a pipe for some distance before dripping and becoming visible. This can make a leak that originates within your shower’s section of the plumbing system seem bathtub-related. Before you begin any repair work, evaluate the leak with different fixtures running to correctly identify the leak’s origin.

Faucet leaks
A leaking tub faucet is the most common tub leak and also one of the easiest to fix. While it might seem like a minor nuisance, a faucet issue demands the same attention as the other leaks on this list, and can lead to a high water bill and other problems. Many faucet leaks result from aging rubber washers inside the faucet assembly, which can dry out. If you disassemble the faucet and discover these washers, you can bring them to a local hardware store and procure replacements.

If new washers don’t fix the problem, you’ll likely need to replace the entire faucet assembly. In comparison to the long-term cost of a leak, this is a relatively inexpensive fix.

Drain leaks
Leaks from your bathtub drain can have a few causes. The leak might be caused by a problem with the plumbing below the drain itself, which will likely require a plumber’s assistance to fix. It is possible, however, that the leak is caused by a faulty seal around the drain assembly. You can fix this problem by removing the drain and applying new plumber’s putty to the area where the drain sits. If you are unsure how to remove the drain, look for instructions on the manufacturer’s website.

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