Avoid the problem of leaky home siding

Avoid the problem of leaky home siding

Avoid the problem of leaky home siding

The siding that covers the outside of most homes is designed to form a barrier against moisture and other environmental hazards, but sometimes that toughness can become a liability. If water gets behind your home’s siding, the siding can have the opposite of its intended effect. In these situations, the moisture can be trapped against your house. This can lead to mold, structural damage, and eventually foundation leaks. To avoid these issues, remain aware of your siding’s condition and keep an eye out for early signs of a problem. Here are some tips to quickly identify and solve issues with leaking siding:

Be proactive
There are many different kinds of siding, but vinyl siding, which comes in large plastic panels, is one of the most susceptible to leaks.These leaks occur when water slips in between the siding and wall, and generally begins when siding has not been properly sealed around a window, door, or vent. You should regularly inspect these areas for any sign of a leak, but it’s also easy to prevent leaks before they start by periodically resealing these areas. With waterproof caulk, this type of sealing is easy to do and can save a lot of money over leak repairs.

Clean your gutters
Your home’s gutters are one of its best defenses against all kinds of leaks. They are particularly effective against siding leaks, because they divert water that would otherwise run directly off your roof onto the siding. If it is the spring, summer, or fall, regularly clear debris from your gutters to ensure that water can easily flow through the downspout.

In the winter, it’s unlikely your gutters will clog with refuse, but you will need to watch out for ice damming. Ice damming occurs when the water over the top of your home melts and runs down to the roof edge. As it reaches the edge of your roof, this water has a tendency to freeze, leading to icicles and clogged gutters. Clear off any obvious ice along the edge of your roof to keep things functioning properly.

Fix things completely
If you have a serious siding leak that puts water in prolonged contact with your home’s structure, be ready to do extensive repair work. Only fixing a small part of the affected area is likely to cause more serious problems down the line.

To catch leaks before they do serious damage to your home, contact American Leak Detection.