Water leaks cause unexpected damage

Water leaks cause unexpected damage

Water leaks cause unexpected damage

The most common damage from a plumbing or roof leak involves the mold and structural damage provoked by long-term water exposure. While these issues are problematic enough on their own, water leaks can cause a variety of other issues that can have serious consequences for a home. The risks presented by a water leak extend far beyond simple water damage, and every leak, no matter how small, requires swift attention to eliminate any potential danger. Here are some unexpected problems that grow out of water leaks.

Electrical risks
Trouble ensues whenever water and electricity interact, and this combination can be particularly damaging in a home environment. There are two major ways that the electrical system can affect homeowners during a leak, and both present the possibility for serious bodily harm.

When a foundation leak or large plumbing leak completely floods a home’s basement, water often rises high enough to touch electrical appliances and wall outlets. If the power to the basement has not been turned off, it’s possible for water in the flooded basement to carry electrical currents long distances. This becomes a hazard when homeowners rush into a flooded basement to save valuable items. Unless these individuals take the proper precautions, it’s easy to get electrocuted, which can potentially be deadly.

The combination of water and electricity can also pose a fire risk. Even if a leak is small, water may find its way into light fixtures and other electrical wiring. In most cases, this will cause a harmless short, but it can sometimes result in sparks that provoke a deadly blaze. For this reason, homeowners should act quickly if they notice water in or around any lights or outlets.

Sewage concerns
If you are unlucky enough to have a sewer leak, water damage will be the least of your worries. The water that flows through your home’s sewer pipes is full of bacteria that causes serious illness if handled improperly. If water from the sewer fills any part of your home, you will want to clean it up quickly, but a failure to follow proper safety procedures can cause a variety of health issues, ranging from sickness to respiratory problems brought on by sewer gas. Individuals who fail to clean up a sewer leak properly put themselves and their families at risk.

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