Copper pipe corrosion leads to pinhole leaks and property damage

Copper pipe corrosion leads to pinhole leaks and property damage

Copper pipe corrosion leads to pinhole leaks and property damage

Copper pipes are renowned for their durability and have been used in plumbing systems for thousands of years. This versatile metal is a nearly perfect non toxic material for pipes, but it has a weakness: pinhole leaks. These tiny problems can lead to big repair costs for homeowners, and it’s difficult to attribute the holes to any single cause. It is clear, however, that a single pinhole leak can waste an enormous amount of water and lead to a high water bill and severe property damage. Because these leaks are so small, they often avoid detection for months. Here are some tips to prevent and locate pinhole leaks:

Check for corrosion
Water that is highly acidic or basic can damage copper pipes over time, and slowly destroy a pipe’s interior walls. While it’s relatively easy to check your water’s pH level with a home test kit, other corrosion causes are harder to spot. Everything, from a high level of bacteria in the water to excessive water pressure can create undue wear and tear on your home’s plumbing system. It’s even possible for an improperly grounded wire in your home to electrify the plumbing system and cause corrosion. It’s difficult to test for all these issues, so it’s best to be alert for signs that a pinhole leak has started.

Find the leak
Pinhole leaks can take months to cause noticeable property damage, but even a small bit of water in your home’s walls can create severe mold problems. To catch these issues before they develop into something serious, monitor your water bill closely. Even a small leak will cause a spike in the bill, and should be your first indication of a problem.

Once you think there is a leak in your home, look for the standard warning signs. These include bubbling paint or any drywall cracks, or staining in your ceiling. If you locate some of these indicators, remember that the actual leak could be somewhere else in the house. It is not uncommon for water to travel along the outside of pipes after it initially leaks.

Call a professional
Most issues with copper pipes should be handled by a professional plumber. While the damage caused by a leak may not be severe, a repair will likely involve soldering that’s best handled by someone with extensive experience.

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