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Chuck Blanchard

Field Operations Manager
Joined ALD in 2000

Chuck was born and raised in Southern California where he grew to love the outdoors. At 19 he became a Certified Executive Chef, bought and operated a restaurant at 23, and spent a total of 20 years in the restaurant management industry. After a job offer from his high school friend Steve West, he moved to central Ohio in April 2000 and joined Team Columbus. One week after arriving in Columbus, Chuck met is wife and they now have 3 children, 2 girls, 1 boy in the middle....(Yikes!) His hobbies include woodworking, motorcycles, and he still enjoys cooking. His creativity in the kitchen has transferred to leak detection, allowing him to think on the fly in tough situations. Along with his PADI® SCUBA certification and extensive experience these traits have enabled him to excel as the Field Operations Manager at American Leak Detection of Columbus. Chuck was honored at the 2010 Convention as American Leak Detection's Technician of the Year from over 300 territories world-wide for 2009. Congrats Chuck!!

Paul Close

Leak Specialist
Joined ALD in 2008

Paul's experience before American Leak Detection was 10 years working in the paintball industry where he was a certified technician specializing in sales and technical support. He is interested in imported cars, vintage station wagons, movies, paintball, and dominating his 3 boys in Nerf gun battles. When his daughter is old enough she will thrash them all! Paul's work ethic, resourcefulness, customer focus, and his ability to cram himself into tight areas (he is 5'2" & 130lbs) make him a true asset to our customers in the field.

Steven West

Owner / Leak Specialist
Joined ALD in 1998

Steve came to Team Columbus in 1998 after opening and running the American Leak Detection office in Indianapolis, IN. Prior to American Leak Detection he went to college in New Mexico and spent nine years in USAF Special Operations. The varied environments, challenging jobs, and being in the water are what appealed to him and brought him to the leak detection business. He has experience in the pool and spa business going back to 1982 when he installed his first in-ground spa with his friend and Field Operations Manager, Chuck. He is married to Lisa and they have a son who is in the Ohio Air National Guard.

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