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Quality Solutions for Damaged Pools

Locating a pool leak without the right equipment and expertise often ends up being a long affair with unsatisfying results. Rather than waste time trying to find the source of an elusive leak, we recommend working with a team of experts who can resolve your problem completely. American Leak Detection of Central Connecticut provides pool leak detection in North Haven, New Haven, and to cities across Greater Connecticut.

Our North Haven pool leak detection specialists have gained a reputation for excellence for the following reasons:

  • We listen to your questions
  • We explain our steps for detection and methods for repair
  • We discover problems fast and repair them in a timely manner
  • Our vehicles are filled with clean, cutting-edge equipment
  • We place a premium on courtesy and customer service
  • We provide honest and reliable quotes

If you are concerned about a possible pool crack or leak on your property, our team will identify the nature of the problem and provide you with the most effective solution.

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Different Types of Pool Cracks

There are several different ways that a pool can become susceptible to leaking. Our pool leak detection team can evaluate your pool's health to determine which of these issues is the source of your leak.

Structural Crack

This kind of crack is what happens when there is damage to the shell beyond mere superficial cracking in the plaster or liner pool surface. The concrete, fiberglass, or metal shell can sustain damage from a variety of different causes. If a pool is poorly constructed or does not have sufficient soil compaction underneath, it may be susceptible to soil shifting or movement. The freeze/thaw cycle of changing weather patterns can also lead to cracking. Pressure exerted by groundwater is yet another potential source of damage.

Fitting Problems

Pool fittings include lights, skimmers and jets. These are items that are built into the shell in some way. If a light is installed incorrectly, it may expose a gap in the shell through which water can escape. Any issue that breaks the seal between the fitting and the shell will require repair so that water cannot escape.

Broken Pipes / Plumbing

These kinds of leaks can be a major headache if they require excavation. Lush spots in the yard are usually the clearest indicator that this is the problem.

Faulty Equipment

Pool equipment can fail if improperly installed or maintained. A pool pump can begin leaking if its sustained some kind of damage. Valves can also fail and cause massive water loss to occur.

Our Experts Are Ready to Help

We are a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Connecticut for decades. We can help you prevent losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in plumbing bills by identifying your problem quickly.

Regions we service include:

  • The Capitol Region of Hartford
  • Central Connecticut
  • South Central Connecticut
  • Springfield, Mass

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