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As part of an industry-leading brand for over 40 years, our team of experts at American Leak Detection of Central Connecticut can provide fast solutions for your home water leak issue. Our technicians undergo comprehensive training and education to bring you the best experience and results possible. Our technology and techniques lead the way for detecting and repairing water leaks in any plumbing system.

Along with superior customer service, we provide honest and transparent pricing that will spare you any guesswork about final costs.

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When to Call for Water Leak Detection Services

There are several common signs to watch out for in relation to water leaks. If you are noticing problems like this around your home, it would be wise to have your home professionally inspected right away.

  • If you hear sounds of running water through the walls or floor
  • You notice mildew and mold growth in your home or basement
  • If your water bill has skyrocketed without reason
  • You see cracks in the foundation around your home
  • If there are wet spots in your floor, walls, basement or yard
  • There is standing water around your water meter

Our slab leak specialists will arrive on your property with an array of effective water leak detection tools at their disposal. You can be confident that the origin of your water leak will be identified quickly.

Water Leak Repair in North Haven

It is vital to have a water leak addressed immediately. Water damage can be very expensive and the costs incurred from the damage can accumulate fast.

Some of the kinds of damage that can occur include:

  • Floor Damage
  • Wall Damage
  • Mildew Problems
  • Wasted Water
  • Foundation Damage

The kind of repair needed for the leak will depend on the cause. Some common causes of leaks include rusted or corroded pipes, pipes that have deteriorated from aging, foundation settling, and water pressure on the wrong setting. Whatever your specific situation is, our water leak repair team can patch up or replace the broken pipes and/or systems involved.

Slab Leak Detection & Repair

One of the more challenging and frustrating water leak issues happens when the leak occurs under a slab. Because these leaks are out of sight and hearing, they can continue for a long period of time before they are addressed. This can mean extensive damage has already occurred by the time a leak is discovered.

One of the worst case scenarios for slab leaks takes place when the abundance of water actually causes foundation damage by changing the soil conditions. Occasionally however, a slab leak can actually be caused by foundation settling when soil shifting forces a pipe to break. In either case, part of the solution to the issue may involve fixing the foundation.

As with any water leak, fast action is key. Our team is able to quickly diagnose whether you have a leak under your slab so that further damage is prevented.

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