Plumbing problems caused by children

Plumbing problems caused by children

Plumbing problems caused by children

Commonly, plumbing issues are the result of a curious child trying to figure out how the world works and putting things where they don’t belong. This can sometimes lead to pipe damage, which later causes leaks and water damage. If you have a child in the house, here are some ways to prevent them from causing plumbing issues, and methods to deal with leaks after the fact.

Child-proofing your plumbing

  • Childproof locks: An immediate resolution to preventing children from throwing things into the toilet, tub or sink is to childproof them by introducing locks. Locks make it more difficult to access bathroom appliances without adult supervision. Locks can keep the toilet seat in place or be placed on bathroom doorknob and make it more difficult to open.
  • Drain covers and plugs: Your child may occasionally get urges to put things down the drain in the backyard. They may get captivated by the idea of stuffing many things down the bathroom sink to see if the objects come back. They may forget they did this a few hours later and come to let you know that the sink isn’t working. To avoid this problem altogether, place covers and plugs over drains to prevent children from being able to put items large enough to potentially cause blockages in them.
  • Teach them proper plumbing etiquette:Providing children with instructions on using bathroom and kitchen appliances and keeping a watchful eye can make a huge difference and put a significant dent in the amount of times you give a call to the local plumber over a misplaced rubber duck.

After the deed is done

  • Plunger: Using a plunger to clear away any blockage is most people’s first go-to, and for good reason. Sometimes this could be the end of your plumbing problems.
  • Cleaning the trap: If plunging doesn’t work, see if there’s a trap located in the drain. Remove the trap and make sure that you have a bucket to catch any waste water. Remove the plug, if there is one, and use a coat hanger to remove any built up debris.
  • Sewer snake: Remove the trap and place one end of the sewer snake and try to catch the clog by twisting it clockwise. Once the clog is caught, gently shake it loose.
  • Chemical drain cleaner: Go to a local department store and find an appropriate clog cleaning product to pour into the drain.
  • Call a professional: If none of the above strategies have worked, look into calling a professional plumber.

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