Sump pump maintenance to reduce flood damage

Sump pump maintenance to reduce flood damage

Sump pump maintenance to reduce flood damage

A sump pump prevents water from creeping up in the basement during heavy rain storms. It is usually placed at the lowest point in a home’s basement and pushes out water surrounding the house’s foundation.This device can save a home from flooding, so homeowners don’t want to wait until the winds are howling outside and sheets of rain are pouring down to realize they have a sump pump problem. Performing these yearly maintenance tasks on your sump pump will help ensure that it is in working order.

Why it’s important
A flooded basement can wreak havoc on furniture, carpets, electronics, and appliances, but the surface-level damage is only half of the problem. Without proper water damage clean up, the home could experience problems with electrical connections, mold growth, and wood rotting.

At least once a year, homeowners should remove the pump from the sump and clean both entities. After the pump is lifted out, gravel, dirt, sand, and other debris should be removed from the sump pit. Clear out the discharge line opening to ensure water flows through easily. In the sump pump itself, there aren’t any filters to replace, but there is a screen where water gets sucked into the pump that might need cleaning.

Check if it works
To see if your sump pump is working properly, slowly pour water into the sump pit. This should cause the “float” mechanism to rise and trigger the pump to start. Once the pump kicks in, the water level should lower, and the pump will turn off. If this process does not happen, homeowners should call a professional for plumbing repair or replace the pump. Even though it might seem like just another chore on the weekend list, testing the sump pump could potentially save your home from flood damage.

Backup system
Severe storms can often bring about power outages. If a sump pump is plugged into an electrical outlet, it will stop working, just like the rest of your home appliances when the electricity goes out. Having a second line of defense can increase the chances of the sump pump doing its job during the worst of storms. Homeowners should consider installing a battery backup which will kick in if this happens. A generator can also be helpful. If you find the battery backup works fine, then the generator can be used as a source of electricity for other appliances.

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