5 most common summer plumbing problems

5 most common summer plumbing problems

5 most common summer plumbing problems

While most people would assume the majority of their home plumbing issues would come in the cold, winter months, there are also risks you have to be on the lookout for during the summer.

Most plumbing issues can be mitigated, and there’s no reason to let a leaky pipe ruin your summer fun. To make sure you’re on top of things, here are five of the most common summer plumbing problems:

1. Sprinkler leaks
Summer means bright green grass, blooming flowerbeds, and a well-manicured landscape for your home. Sever of residents use sprinkler systems to ensure their lawns receive enough water through the summer heat. However, some people don’t use their sprinkler systems for months at a time, resulting in equipment succumbing to wear-and-tear.

Getting a sprinkler leak might not be that noticeable until you receive that high water bill. To prevent this, make sure you thoroughly clean your sprinkler system before you use it this summer. Try to inspect all areas and make sure there are no leaks.

2. Toilet maintenance
If you have a large family, the summer time brings a lot more use out of your home’s toilets when kids aren’t in school. Since your fixtures get more flushes, they are more common to maintenance issues.

The best way to address this issue is by teaching everyone in the house to limit toilet paper use and explain that certain things cannot be flushed. Simply being more aware of the fixture during the summer can help you prevent problems down the line, but always be ready to call for professional help if problems continue.

3. Disposal problems
Another common issue with your house’s plumbing in the summer is the garbage disposal. With cookout weather and kids eating breakfast and lunch more at home, the garbage disposal can get extra usage.

The best way you can avoid this problem is to limit the use of your garbage disposal and never try to push down any heavier items such as hard fruits, fibrous vegetables, corn cobs or starchy foods that can soak up water in drains and clog pipes. If you have a barbeque or cookout, try to get guests to avoid your garbage disposal altogether, since it can be overworked if too many people use it.

4. Sewer clogs
The spring and summer months actually bring a decent amount of rain in some areas, which means your sewer lines can be backed up more easily. Additionally, tree roots can grow into sewer lines over the spring due to excessive rain. The best way to fix this is to have a professional at American Leak Detection inspect your home’s pipes.

5. Leaks in outdoor faucets
Sometimes leaks in your home aren’t discovered until you use an outdoor faucet for the first time. Once the weather gets warm, turn on your outdoor faucets and check for leaks around your home. You’ll want to be aware of the problem right away instead of using the hose all day to fill a pool or wash your car.​