What to do when leaks damage ceiling fans

What to do when leaks damage ceiling fans

What to do when leaks damage ceiling fans

Water leaks in the ceiling are bad news, and not just because of damaged drywall or the possibility of a roof in need of repair. Ceiling fans and light fixtures, when met with moisture from a leak, can pose a serious risk of electrical fire. You can’t always see water in the walls, and it’s wise to take the precaution of finding leaks before they find you. If you wait until noticeable signs of a breach, you’ll have more water damage on your hands, and less time to fix it.

What should you do if you notice water collecting inside a light fixture? Water and electricity aren’t exactly known to be best friends, and your first instinct is to probably turn off the wall switch. While you want to shut off the electricity as soon as possible, touching the wall switch is a bad idea, and can put yourself at risk of electrical shock.

Be safe
The safest way to remove immediate electrical threat is to shut down your home’s circuit breakers. Afterwards, you can use a non-contact voltage tester to insure that you’ve cut off all electrical currents. Just make sure to test dry appliances and not the ceiling fan or light fixture.

Though several types of leak damage can be remedied with do-it-yourself methods, this is not an instance for attempting repair on your own. If you can easily identify the source of the leak, shut off the main water supply. Call a certified electrician to remove fixtures and fans, and to check for any immediate electrical danger.

If you can identify the leak’s culprit as either faulty pipes or a worn roof, call the appropriate repair service. If you can neither locate the origin of the leak nor rule out condensation, enlist the help of professionals who can pinpoint the problem.

Reduce risk
A certified electrician should remove electrical fans and fixtures from the ceiling, but it’s best to save reinstallation until a breach has been fully repaired. No matter what, this is one leak hazard that’s too big to handle alone.

You might be unaware that a leak exists until drops seep through the ceiling. American Leak Detection can help protect your safety, prevent damage, and find hidden leaks before water meets your wiring.