Fixing the sewer leak in your yard

Fixing the sewer leak in your yard

Fixing the sewer leak in your yard

Broken pipes and a sewer leak can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a yard. The process of cleaning up after an event like this can be a long and expensive one. Early detection is the best way to combat a flooded yard, before the issue becomes a major concern.

There are ways to spot water damage being done to your yard, along with some ways to fix the problem after it takes place:

Check the water inside the house
The most obvious way to tell if there is a leak in your pipes is by turning on the sinks and showers inside your home, and evaluating if the water flow or pressure has decreased. If it has, that may mean water is seeping through the pipes into your lawn.

Note the difference in water flow and water pressure. The flow is the volume of liquid produced when you turn on the faucets; the pressure is the physical force that pushes the water out of a pipe fixture. Problems with either the flow or the pressure could mean cracked pipes or that water is going places it should not.

Something looks and smells strange
If you notice the yard has weird marks, sunken grass or unusual lawn indentations, it could mean that the water line is leaking. Act quickly if you spot these problems, as sometimes a water issue can be fixed before it becomes disastrous. Since it’s impossible to see the sewer under your lawn, marks in the grass can be the best way to determine if an issue is arising.

Be aware of a strange or rotten scent emerging from the lawn. Sewer leaks will stink up the place, so you should know fairly quickly if there is a problem.

Call a professional
Once you notice water pressure and/or flow has dropped, or that your lawn has a strange look or scent, notify a plumber or sewage expert. They can evaluate the problem and determine the steps it will take to fix it. The worst-case scenario is tearing up the entire yard, another reason why moving quickly and stopping the leak before it really gets messy is preferable.

Find the right solution for your yard
There is no one right way to fix a sewer leak. Depending on the size of your yard and severity of the problem, there are several options a homeowner can take. Installing a drainage system is one option, which will help soak up all the water from your yard in a safe way. Plugging the leak is another priority, which will involve changing the pipe fitting and laying clean pipes under your lawn. If there is water damage inside the home, that must be cleaned up too before mold and other bacteria grow. Talk to a professional at American Leak Detection to figure out the best option for your specific needs.